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Educational Trip to Orlando with Ocean Holidays

Last month, our homeworker Emma had the amazing opportunity to attend an educational trip to Florida with Ocean Holidays.

It was Emma’s first visit to Florida, and she explored various Ocean Holidays hotels and villas. By learning about the unique offerings at each location, Emma can now provide tailored recommendations to help her customers find their perfect getaway.

During her trip, Emma also participated in some incredible excursions. Some of her highlights included:

⭐ An incredible stay in one of Ocean Holidays' beautiful villas

⭐ A fantastic visit to Kennedy Space Centre

⭐ Swimming with manatees

⭐ Visiting Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and Busch Gardens for magical theme park experiences

Educational trips like this are one of the many perks of working for Brilliant Travel. They enable our extensive network of homeworkers and managed service travel partners to provide firsthand knowledge and a personalised service to their customers, ensuring the bring in lucrative sales, as well as gaining customers for life.

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