Say a big hello to Home or Away Holiday Shop, who were members of the Freedom Travel Group.

The news of Thomas Cook’s collapse sent shockwaves through the travel industry. This is especially true for its employees and the members of the Freedom Travel Group.

Thankfully some of their employees and members have found themselves new opportunities very quickly. Former Freedom Travel Group member, Home or Away Holiday Shop, phoned Brilliant Travel the same day that Thomas Cook collapsed – and we got straight to work setting them up again!

The Easington-based agency lost only two days of trade before the team at Brilliant Travel had them trained and trading again by 5pm on Tuesday 25th September. From initial application to doors opening was under 12 hours!

Julie Young and Linda Thompson, Franchise Directors of Home or Away, were devastated to hear the news on Monday. Julie said:

“After a very distressful few days following the failure of Thomas Cook / Freedom Travel, we are delighted to be welcomed into the Brilliant Travel family. Within a quick 24-hour time period we are now trading, our training is complete and have opened our doors to our customers once again. We cannot thank Linda and her team enough for their sterling work.”

Brilliant Travel’s Director, Linda Pyle has advised former Freedom Travel Group members to evaluate the options available on the market before returning to trade.

Here’s what she had to say:

“When choosing your new consortia, it is important to ensure they tick the right boxes for your specific business needs.

“All groups will provide you with bonding, technology and support, but if you want to put unique packages together using nett pricing from airlines, bed banks, cruise lines and destination marketing companies and bond them under a full ATOL – this an option that Brilliant Travel facilitates. We are part of the Barrhead Travel Group which means you have full access to our buying and commercial strength as well as marketing, PR, training and administrative support.”

The Brilliant Travel team are currently fast-tracking applications from Freedom Travel Group members and Personal Travel Advisors who are looking to re-open their businesses and start trading again. We have many opportunities for any

Thomas Cook employees who are looking to start a new opportunity in homeworking or opening their own travel agency.

Contact the Brilliant Travel recruitment team on 0800 033 4790 or email to talk about our opportunities.

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