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Brilliant Travel homeworker accelerates business to MSTP model

A member of Brilliant Travel, part of the Barrhead Travel Group, has transitioned her business from homeworker to Managed Service Travel Partner (MSTP) as she eyes growth for her brand, Elite Cruises.

Francesca Barone, who joined Brilliant Travel as a homeworker in 2017, has this moved to become part of the MSTP model which will allow growth of her independent brand identity, the opportunity to trade under her own ABTA number, and recruit her own employees.

With a career spanning four decades, Barone has honed her travel expertise within the luxury cruise and tailormade arena. She specialises in selling six-star cruises and ultra-luxury holidays, citing her “personal touch” as the key to success.

Based in Sussex, Barone’s clientele are located throughout the UK thanks to her online presence.

“During the pandemic, I really did some soul-searching with regards to where I was in my career,” said Francesca Barone.

“I’ve always wanted to pursue business growth and, with fiercely loyal clients who recommend me to their own contacts, I have a fantastic opportunity to expand my offering without compromising on the highly bespoke service that I offer.

“I’m bringing one other person on at the moment who will look after client needs while I work on new client acquisition and marketing. It actually feels really exciting to have someone to share the business with and, if all goes well this year, I may be in a position to further expand.”

Linda Pyle, Director of Brilliant Travel, said:

“It’s been a joy to see Francesca’s business flourish over the last few years. The type of bespoke service that she offers to clients is in demand post-pandemic and it’s a good time to begin the transition to her own independent brand, working under the Brilliant Trave MSTP model.

“We’re looking forward to supporting Francesca with the transition and have no doubts that her new venture with Elite Cruises will be highly successful.”

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