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Richard Dobinson

About me

There is simply no industry like the travel industry, someone once said ‘travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’, that’s certainly true. Having worked for one of the world’s largest airlines for many years and (before relocating to Spain) previously owning 3 travel stores of my own, I now service my clients from across the UK and Europe with the extra service style that make truly magical holidays.

My experience

I am very proud of my experience and have been in the industry for over 30 years. Having travelled to all six inhabited continents, over 70 countries and most major (and some not so major) world cities in the process, my passion for travel is global and very personal to my customers. I am an expert in tailor making bespoke holidays, not only do I know and understand the places to travel to, by adding those little extra touches I can ensure you get the most out of your holiday and truly experience the destination, making your holiday a truly magical one.

My favourite destinations

I have travelled extensively throughout the world however, my absolute favourite region is the Far East, Australia/New Zealand and the Pacific.

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